What to Do if You Want to Sell Your Fairways of Champion Circle Home

If you've been holding off getting your home ready to list and sell, let's do this thing now! But, are you ready? Have you prepared? If you're looking to sell your home this year, there are things you can literally do today to help prep and plan for that sale. Here are five things to do today to get ready to sell your home.

#1. Take a fresh look at your house and property.What to Do if You Want to Sell Your Fairways of Champion Circle Home

Look around your home; would you buy it as it currently sits? Regardless of how long you've been in your house, you probably still have a few unbiased views of your home. That creaky door, leaky faucet, sticky window, or the nicks and cracks in doors and walls that you've gotten used to probably would stick out like a sore thumb to potential buyers.

Try to see your home through fresh eyes. If you have a hard time doing this, and a lot of us do, enlist the help of a trusted friend or neighbor. Have them go through the house and offer honest responses to how they view your home. Try not to take anything personally. Remember, you want to appeal to the majority of homebuyers and that means taking an honest look at your house. Does the home need to be repainted? Are there items that need to be replaced such as a broken fence, missing step, or even something as small as faulty lightbulbs?

Go through your home room by room making notes on what needs to be corrected before your home can be listed. Making a checklist will get it out of your head, onto paper, and give you your next steps. While all of these items may not be something you can do in one day, you can start the process by making the checklist ready to be tackled over the next couple of weeks.

#2. Start researching real estate agents.

Even in a hot market, trying to sell a home by yourself can be a very stressful and tedious process. Most people actually save money when using a real estate agent because, by the time they have lowered the home price to where buyers find it attractive, they've actually negated any commissions they would need to pay for a real estate agent to sell the property.

To get the most profit from the sale of your home, enlist the help of a qualified, seasoned, and experienced real estate agent. Start asking around for referrals or check out reviews and testimonials from local Texas real estate agents and brokerages to find out how many homes they actually sell each year and how they go about marketing. Remember, you're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, not something that should be trusted in the hands of a part-time agent, amateur, or someone that just doesn't know the current market. This is not the time to hire your brother's wife's best friend's sister.

#3. Take a look at comparable sales.

Do a search of your own property within about a 2 to 3-mile radius. Search for the same square footage, the number of rooms, and the lot size. See what's out there for sale and if you can offer something better for less money. Simply pricing your home a couple of thousand dollars less than your closest competition, will get your home noticed. Start making notes on comparable sales and how you can feature items in your home that will encourage more buyers to view your home rather than the closest competition.

#4. Start decluttering.

If you're planning on selling, you're going to move anyway so take it room by room by making piles for donations, selling, throwing away, or moving. Emptying out cupboards, closets, shelves, and storage areas of half the items will make the spacing much bigger.

#5. Take a good look at your finances.

How much money do you really need when selling your property? Will you need money to put down on a new home? Will you need funds for relocating or moving expenses? Consider taxes, commissions, and closing costs. A lot of these numbers can be negotiated and laid out by a real estate agent but you can always start now by giving yourself a good snapshot of how much money you'll need to actually sell the property.

If you think you're ready to list your Fairways of Champion Circle home soon, give me a call! I live here and know the market and can get you top dollar for your home. 

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